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Saturday, February 21, 2009

About the Writer

Tower of Pisa, Italy

A sedentary life living and working in Philadelphia has never been the ideal life for me. My eyes yearn to see new and exciting places so I have made it a life long goal to travel and experience new cultures. I am a Temple University graduate from Philadelphia which, in my opinion, is the best city on the East Coast; Yes, better than New York. We have everything in Philly: Art, Music, and Nightlife. Philadelphia is a great metropolitan area that is small enough to ride your bike almost anywhere. Philadelphia is also host to diverse cultures that link throughout the whole world. This is probably one of the reasons why I have such a urge to travel. The other is definitely following my father's footsteps who traveled to many different countries while in the military. So far I've lived in been to a few countries in Southern Africa, Peru, Dominican Republic, and Italy. I am still a very new traveler so I have allot of airplane tickets to book and trains to jump on! Currently I am residing in South Africa, again, and working at The Jetstream as a creative writer. My dream of working with animals and educating about the state of the environment is in the plans and writing will get me there.

Apart from travel, animals and the environment I'm interested in a slew of things. I'll spare you guys on the fashion, hair and makeup and instead focus on the list below.

What you'll find on this blog...
Travel tips and tricks
-My experiences abroad 
-Currently I'm writing a blog on moving to a 'foreign land'. I have some experience in this.

Physical Fitness and Health
-This will include all my research on diet, the answers from the 10 million questions I ask the trainers at the gym and my fitness goals.

-Get excited about Latino food made healthly (it's possible), yummy deserts (both health conscious and diabetics beware) and yummy foodies I make for sunday lunches.
All things TEFL
-Teaching English, certifications, how-tos, and my experiences so far.

-Animals represent! The Philadelphia Zoo has left it's mark on me for life!
Mental Health
-Mostly inspirational thoughts and advice since I'm pretty much usually trying to stay a 'positive Polly'.

Feminine musings
-These might just be intertwined in many things I write. My dad taught me to be girlie. 

Read on, subcribe, share and comment.