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Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Bucketlist

So currently I work 6 days a week. That is about 27 days a month and only 53days off a year. By the end of the year I have worked a total of 2 months more than most people and had virtually no glorious days 'sleeping in'.  It is exhausting and I am exhausted just calculating the facts. I have been working at this charming establishment since March so it is taking its toll on my vigorous excitement for life and my intense go-getting attitude. Now although I enjoy my job and am still very much hopeful of it's potential I am becoming a bit despondent. Anywho, to keep me going and keep me motivated I have decided to include an ever-growing bucketlist on my blog. Once I can check off something, I'll add a picture as proof and maybe, if I'm feeling especially motivated, I'll write a small blog post. Some of my bucketlist goals will be postdated because I've been working on this list, like most of us, for all of my life and those will jazz up the list with some already inspiring wishes granted to keep me going. Rest assured that my ever-growing wanderlust is strongly evident on this list. Let's get started and if I'm missing anything add a comment below.

Take a TEFL course
Wander in Italy X
Ride in a gondola X
Wander in Spain 
Graduate high school
Graduate university
Get your masters
Wander in Asia
Get a flat tummy ~ ABS
Wander in Cambodia
Wander in India
Climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa X

Pilgrimage: Walk where Jesus walked
Fall in love X
Get married
Adopt a child
Travel with family
Wander in the castles in Germany (with Dad)
Work at a Zoo X
Go scuba diving
Swim with dolphins
Linedance in Texas: cowboy boots, daisy dukes and hat a must!
See the Grand Canyon
Make a pinch camera
Post a letter to the walls of Juliet's house in Verona, Italy
Wander in Latin America
Ride a Vespa
Teach English abroad (part 1) X
Take a vacationa ALONE
Kissed by an Elephant X
 Set foot on all seven continents
Finish a Jigsaw puzzle