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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crossroads in Life.

2009 - Cape Town, South Africa
So I guess this is my first OFFICIAL blog entry. Anyway I'm at a crossroad. Today a friend said the most wisest of words:
"maybe sometimes you have to think with you head not your heart"
Thats where my decision lies. Do I take an opportunity to go see and experience new things or should I go where I know I love and cherish the time I have there? Fact is visiting somewhere new would have me thinking "What if I had gone back". Decision seems made to me but outsiders might view it differently.

I know where my heart is. Maybe I should go find it.


  1. Love it!
    And could you please be kind in giving my photography credit! Hahah!
    Can't wait to read more....

  2. Well there you have it... :) The famous Mario Ogle took this picture.
    Thanks Mario... Hope to see you very soon :)