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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Art of Wooing Women

Wednesday I went to see Othello with two of my 5th year classes. Before the play started, I heard one of my students whistle at a girl walking by to find her seats. This started a conversation/ discourse with the boys and a few Women about whether or not women like when men whistle at them.
Unanimous answer from all the women teachers and girls that we do not like when men whistle. One teacher even went so far as to say 'she is not a dog and therefore does not respond to a whistle.'
Conversation was light hearted but this does come to mind when I am walking around and get the attention of Italian men. Now I am from Philadelphia and as in every City men howl and cat call to try to get a womens attention. A more finer childhood memory is when my mother and I were walking and a man rolled down his window and precedding to bark and howl. 'Bark'?! I do not respond to "Yo, Lemme Holla!" or "Can I grab you" or kisses blown my way. Although this morning I did smile when I heard "Complementi alla tua mama". Maybe these whistling boys need to learn a thing or two. Complements to the women that made me sounds like a pretty great way to draw a smile out of any passing women.

~These are just the Musings of a woman abroad,
   Buon Traveling.

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